Thursday, March 8, 2012

I am surrounded by projects galore! I am doing some heavy duty spring cleaning, working of a few school projects (almost done with the semester and feeling the crunch), as well as two major projects in the home. 
One- Im throwing a baby shower! This will be my first and I am so excited. It is for one of my closest  friends, Natalie, who has two beautiful daughters, and a little man on the way. This little man that is going to be joining the family will have a lot to live up to compared to his sisters, but will be welcomed with a lot of love. I just got the scoop on his name! I have been sitting on the edge of my seat wanting to know since I first found out she was prego. I have know for a little while what it was going to be but in todays world you can have 10 different ways to spell the same name. When I get permission to announce it to the world, I will fill you in. 
I have enlisted the help of party planer expert Lauren. She custom designed the invite based off of what I told her I needed/ wanted which is AMAZING! Pictures and a success story to come. 
Two- My husband and I are in need of seating. We go married packed up a U-haul, drove out into a small town to finish school and had with a lot of luck inherited a love seat from dad. Anytime we had anyone over we sat on the floors most of the time, then we inherited some stunning chairs to go in the dinning room, and played musical chairs with them when we had guests, but then I saw it......
(Unfortunately I dont know who to give photo credit to)

My husband and I have been working on out own version. Photos and a tutorial to follow. 

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  1. You can share away! Just not the first name choices. haha Love ya!!!